Volunteers Just Keeping “Wowing” us!

IMG_0457We’re breathing a deep sigh of satisfaction (and probably a bit of relief) as we wrap up another busy fall season of projects and activities on Greens Bayou. Just when we think our volunteers can’t “Wow” us any more they find a way to bowl us over again. And that’s why we keep coming back for more…. working with committed and passionate volunteers is one of the best jobs in the world




Our board secretary Regina Adams enlisted her firm, Radcliffe Bobbitt Adams Polley, and they showed up in a big way to plant 25 trees in our North Reach for Harris County MUD 33 on a beautiful October Saturday morning. Twenty-five trees doesn’t sound like much until you know that the auger broke down after only two holes were dug. So, our volunteers really put in a day of back breaking work with the hard soils along the bayou. But the best part of the day was the full “Aggie Style” tailgating lunch prepared by firm partner, Ross Radcliffe! Burgers, chicken, hot dogs and all the fixin’s. We were in heaven!



Later in October we held our 6th West Reach community event. For five years we spent a lot of time and manpower removing debris from the waterway and it was still looking so good our project chair, Mike Castro, decided to go big on trees. So over two locations in Utility District 15 and nearby we planted 86 trees!!

2014-10-25 08.30.46



Remember that part about the auger breaking before the last project? Well, once again our volunteers had a large number of holes to dig and the soil was so hard and compacted that during the planting demonstration provided by Harris County Flood Control shovels were bending! No doubt the next day or two there were plenty of sore backs and arms.  But because of the hard work and dedication of these volunteers more trees are now planted along the bayou to absorb water, improve water quality and provide shade for generations to come.

2014-10-04 11.59.55Thank you to project supporters not mentioned above: KBR,  CenterPoint, Trees for Houston,  and Halliburton. To see photos from these two events go to our Facebook Photo Album Page. Our Manager of Volunteer Programs, Candice Pauley, is already setting dates and lining up volunteer groups for our 2015 spring and fall projects. If you want to work hard and feel good about the long lasting impact you had on the environment, join us for one of our projects.



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