Trails Lead Everywhere

Hiking is one of my favorite things to do so no vacation is complete without an opportunity to hit a trail somewhere. I wasn’t sure if my recent vacation to the Leeward Islands would provide me with those opportunities, but I found that the adage “trails lead everywhere” is indeed true. The photo here was taken on a hike on the windward side of St. Barth. The trail overlooked the Atlantic ocean and the waves broke with force on the rocky shore. It was truly breathtaking!


Another hike on St. Kitts brought stunning views nearly 360 degrees. Hiking can sure lead to some great places and you just need a sturdy pair of shoes, comfortable clothing and plenty of water. It’s a low cost activity and can be done anywhere around the world at just about any time. Walking helps clear the clutter from the mind and I find it is a meditative and restorative activity. A perfect battery recharger that can refresh you to be more present in your day-to-day activities.


The sights and sounds along the trails on my trip were just what the doctor ordered. I returned to Houston rested, refreshed and ready to get back to the important work of doing what I can to see trails built in the Houston region. All those benefits and more are needed in a busy, urban environment like this. Actually, I would argue, they are needed even more urgently. The lifestyles that we lead here call for us to pay more attention to the natural world that surrounds us. Our work in big buildings made of steel and concrete makes us appreciate trees and grass all the more. The hours we spend in our cars (hours and hours) mean that time spent outside is precious. We need to honor the need we have as humans to get outside and renew ourselves. I hope that this summer brings an opportunity for you to get outside, soak up some sunshine, and find a trail that will lead you exactly where you need to be.


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