Put Your Giving Where Your Heart Is!

My favorite holiday is right around the corner. Thanksgiving, with it’s focus on gratitude, truly resonates for me. Of course, the emphasis on food and family only add to it’s appeal (I should throw in the topper… football). I hope that you have something special planned to remind yourself of all that blesses your life.

Greens Bayou Corridor Coalition

One thing I won’t be doing on Thanksgiving (or the day after either) is shopping at my local retail outlet. Crowds are not my favorite thing. But, that doesn’t mean I won’t kick off my holiday retail therapy courtesy of the internet!! Online shopping without the crowds is more my speed. This year Greens Bayou Corridor Coalition is part of the Amazon Smile family of charities. What that means is that if you shop at Amazon through their Smile portal a percentage of your purchase will be donated to your favorite bayou organization! And our association with Amazon will not end when the holidays are over. You will be able to buy Valentine’s gifts, birthday presents and more and still support all the programs you love at GBCC year round!

Giving-Tuesday-Logo-e1386099430562Several years ago a group of philanthropic organizations came together and developed what came to be known as Giving Tuesday. With the emphasis in our culture on shopping and buying with Black Friday and Cyber Monday why not have a day where a donation can be made to your favorite charity instead? Perhaps there is someone on your gift list that would rather have their gift be a tree planted along the bayou or a kayaking trip for a student from an under-served part of Houston. If you know someone like that I hope you will consider Greens Bayou Corridor Coalition in your #GivingTuesday and end of year giving plans. You can do it easily by going to our online donation page.

Photo Mar 09, 8 28 11 AMYour donations, whether through shopping or Giving Tuesday, make an impact on our reach into the community. As we work together to make the water cleaner, to develop parks and trails, plant trees, bring students to the bayou to learn about the natural world, every gift adds up! We are grateful for all the ways you support us and wish for you a Thanksgiving overflowing with delight and blessings!

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