It was the best of times

2015-03-23 09.19.38If you missed our Annual Meeting last week you missed a great celebration of special people and important milestones. We hope that our Founding Chair, Bill Franks, left the event feeling like his significant contribution to The Coalition had been duly recognized. We can never thank Bill enough for being brave enough to take the helm of a fledgling non-profit with no funds in the bank and guiding it to where we are today.






We were honored to be joined by Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee to help us celebrate the approval of funding for the Federal flood damage reduction project in her district on Greens Bayou. After a strategic six year advocacy effort by our ace Public Policy Committee and members of the community we will see this $55 million project bring benefits to our region. That is worth celebrating!

LBL_5337You also would have missed our excellent keynote speaker, Robert Ratcliffe, from the National Park Service. We were all wowed by the plans NPS has to celebrate the centennial of our national park system. And then we had a special surprise guest, J.J. Moses, former kick returner with the Houston Texans. J.J. was excited to talk about how we share a passion for getting kids outside and active.



If this crew looks like a bunch of hard workers, you are right. This is the firm of Radcliffe Bobbitt Adams Polley, our Bayou Buddy award winner for 2014. The Bayou Buddy is given to an organization that has shown exceptional stewardship of our bayou and support for the mission of The Coalition. They’ve done everything from draft legal documents, to plant trees, to feed volunteers. Thank you, RBAP!!



And this is Gary O’Neil, our Volunteer of the Year. The tree dude. Gary is a CenterPoint forester and answers the call almost every time we have a tree planting event. He has a true passion for trees and a natural way of teaching kids why trees make our world better and how to properly plant them. We are so grateful for Gary’s generous spirit. Thank you, Gary!


You’ll find all the photos of our happy stakeholders on our web site.

And we can’t forget to thank all of those who sponsored our event, especially our Trailblazers, for helping us make our impact “Beyond the Bayou”.

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