Help Stop Flooding on Greens Bayou!!

FloodIn 1948 it was recognized that flooding in the Greens Bayou watershed was an economic and social issue so the US Congress authorized a study through the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. In 1990 a basin and channel modification project was authorized in the Water Resources Development Act. This basin project will be near Antoine and Beltway 8 and is the keystone project in a series of eight planned flood mitigation basins on Greens Bayou.



My blog today is all about letting your voice be heard! The Greens Bayou Corridor Coalition’s Public Policy Committee kicked off a citizen’s letter writing campaign this week to support the funding for this project. Outreach has already begun to utility districts, chambers of commerce, homeowners associations, management districts and other stakeholders groups to send a letter to the Assistant Secretary of the Army-Civil Works and Congressional leaders to let them know how much the community supports implementation of this long-awaited project.

Federal Project SystemHome values in the project area have been significantly impacted by past floods and being moved into the flood plain. Flooding impacts the ability of first responders and emergency personnel from responding to emergencies. Aldine ISD’s Conley Elementary School sits immediately adjacent to the basin. The upstream flood mitigation project, Cutten Basin, cannot be completed until the Federal Project is constructed. Flooding also impacts the Houston Veterans National Cemetery, located just across Beltway 8 and on the banks of Greens Bayou. Did you know that the Houston National Cemetery is the 8th largest in the US by current burial rate?

family walkingIf you agree that a promise made sixty-six years ago should be honored now by our representatives in Congress please consider joining our campaign by sending a letter.

Let your voice be heard!!

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