West Reach

Jersey Village
FM 1960 Corridor

Committee Chair:
Katie Golzarri
Edminster, Hinshaw, Russ, and Assoc.

The West Reach of Greens Bayou spans from US Highway 290 to Veterans Memorial Drive. This portion of the bayou is narrow and channelized, and its major transportation routes are US 290 and FM 1960. Its neighborhoods vary from areas with higher-end homes to heavy commercial development.


Current priorities for the West Reach include clean-up efforts, trail systems and flood mitigation.

  • In partnership with the Bayou Preservation Association a Clean-Up Master Plan was created and annual community tree planting and clean-up events are underway. More than 750 community volunteers ranging from Boy Scouts, Rotarians, church groups and corporate teams have participated in planting more than 100 native trees and shrubs and removing tons of refuse from in and around the waterway.
  • A plan to create a linear park and trail system to interconnect neighborhoods, existing parks and planned flood control basins that serve the Greens Bayou corridor area and improve the local environment and water quality is underway.
  • To address flooding, the US Army Corps of Engineers completed design Sept. 30, 2009, on a detention basin aimed at reducing downstream water levels and mitigating flooding through most of the corridor. GBCC is advocating for federal funding to complete construction of the basin and seeks to incorporate safety measures and recreational facilities into the project.

Three subcommittees – Infrastructure, Public Policy and Maintenance – have been established to address these priorities.

The West Reach Committee normally meets on the second Thursday of the month at different locations within the reach.

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