Farewell & Good Luck, Regina!

Regina HeadshotOver time thousands of people will have the opportunity to make a contribution to the success of Greens Bayou Corridor Coalition. Hundreds already have. Most intersect with our mission by participating in a tree planting or clean-up project, or by lending their voice to an advocacy campaign. In the nine years since our founding as a non-profit corporation in 2007 a few have stood above all others. Their names and deeds will be forever linked to Greens Bayou. One of these most notable is our Founding Executive Director Regina Lindsey.


They say luck is the place where preparation meets opportunity. I must have been exceedingly prepared/lucky in the Spring of 2009 to meet Regina very soon after she arrived in Houston and began her work as Executive Director of Greens Bayou Corridor Coalition. We met for lunch so I could give her my perspective as a resident of the watershed and shortly after I volunteered for the West Reach Committee. From this front row seat I watched her jump in and begin the hard work of getting a non-profit up and going. Working with the board she brought in new resources and soon had our committees laying the ground work for a much-needed Parks & Trails Master Plan.


I didn’t realize at that time that I was in the grasp of some serious serendipity. Through our association on the committee Regina learned that I was attempting to undergo a mid-life career change and find a home in the community development field. She invited me to submit my resume and be considered when grant funding from Houston Endowment allowed GBCC to hire a Development Director. In February of 2011 I started my career with The Coalition by attending the Association of Water Board Directors Winter Conference in Galveston. Not even an ice storm could stop me from opening this new chapter!


Working with Regina was a highlight of my professional career. She is a dynamic, resourceful and energetic personality. She helped me channel my writing skills in to the new area of grant writing. She was able to help me translate everything I had learned as a marketing professional and business owner and bring that to the non-profit world. Many days she saw something in me that I wasn’t yet able to see. When she moved full-time into her economic development role at the Greenspoint District and I was appointed to succeed her as The Coalition’s Executive Director she was gracious and generous with her time and advice. I didn’t hesitate to have her as part of our Board of Directors because I knew she would provide a perspective that was unique and she would always have the highest good of the organization in mind. I am truly grateful and feel exceedingly blessed that she has been my mentor and friend.


So, why have I chosen today to write this tribute to Regina? Regina has been named the new President of the Greater Beaumont Chamber of Commerce and will be leaving the Houston area in a few short weeks. All of us at GBCC are excited for her as she begins this new chapter in her professional career. We all know that Beaumont has a true gem on its hands! But, at the same time we are sorry to say goodbye. She will leave our board but remain available as a member of our Advisory Council. When the story of the Greens Bayou Corridor Coalition is written Regina will be an integral part of our story. Part of our beginning and part of our ultimate success. Thank you, Regina, for everything! Namaste!


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