How We Are Funded

Support of Greens Bayou Corridor Coalition is provided in several different ways. Early funding and the majority of current organizational support is provided by memberships. Memberships are an annual investment made by individuals and companies to support the ongoing efforts of GBCC to impact developments within the watershed.

Funding is also provided through sponsorships of special events. The organization’s largest annual fundraising event is the Annual Meeting held each spring. The Annual Meeting serves as a report to stakeholders and a way to thank volunteers and contributors. Sponsors also support GBCC through support of community clean-up and tree planting projects and an annual reception held at the Association of Water Board Directors Summer Conference.

Donations are accepted by individuals wishing to support a particular project or initiative. Recently donations were solicited to support the construction of raised bed community gardens in Ida Gaye Gardens in our north reach.

In-kind donations are also an important part of advancing the mission of GBCC. In-kind donations have included everything from administrative and marketing assistance, donations for community events and even a bridge to be used to connect trails across the bayou.

Finally, grant funds from private foundations and corporate giving programs are an important part of GBCC support. For example, early support from Houston Endowment allowed the creation of a Parks and Trails Master Plan and supported the creation of a development effort and community outreach programs.


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